taking it outside....pj day all day


So I am feeling more human, but honestly if I could roam the streets of town in my pjs, I totally would! It reminded me of an editorial that I shot some time ago. It was all about lounge wear as play wear. I know that there were days when my kids would throw rubber boots on, over their jammies, and out the door they would go. Enjoy a little play time, and go outside and make a little mischief!

pj party


•• these are not my photos 

I have the flu, and all I can think about is crawling back into bed, every waking minute. But, with two sick teens, and a puppy that we're puppy sitting....pjs and bed are last thing (literally) that I get to do each day. Here are some bargain pjs for kids from Hanna Andersson for $38. The price may not seem like a bargain, but the price per wear, and the hand me down factor from sibling to sibling make them worth every cent. Buy them big and wear, wear, wear!

Then from Uniqlo, a lounge wear set....can't all it sleep wear, but at a super reasonable price of $14.90, this genderless cozy is worth the money! More Uniqlo loungewear pictured too. 

Go buy something comfy, while I slide back under the covers...........adieu!

ahoy matey....my first guest blogger post


Swagger on over to ThredUp to view my first guest blogger post, a little style for a steal!

an out take from the shoot that inspired the post

a little love....fleur and dot style


•• these are, sadly, not my images

I stumbled, very happily, upon this amazing Etsy retailer, Fleur and Dot. Oh my, do I not only love the images, I love the clothing! I wish that I could be as colorful, and cool as the Miss in all of the photos. How cool is she! All images and clothing....www.fleuranddot.mysupadupa.com

a little more salt water love


I own a pair of salt water sandals, actually I own two pairs one in red and one in brown. They are seriously comfortable, and I wear them all the time. I think my oldest daughter may be a bit annoyed that they look like kid's shoes (which they are), but for me comfort trumps everything! 

I was shooting a job for Billabong kids line, and I had on my red sandals, my little model had the exact same shoes on! We were twinsies, but she was so much cuter in her sandals!

vivi taking a break from shooting in her salt water sandals, www.mysaltwatersandals.com

Even big girls can rock some little girl wear!

lily in vintage romper and new sandals

Sx2....or sandals and socks

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I love quirky, and I just put together a guest blog post for ThredUp, which will be out next week. But, the post got me thinking about spring. I love when people buck tradition, or uphold old tradition. Way back when, kids would wear sandals and socks. I know it looks questionable on grown ups, except on JCrew models! 

I stumbled across this image, and it made me think of Salt Water Sandals and some bright little socks. 

a little anklet sandal combo

a little salt water love

Salt Water Sandals are a BARGAIN, considering they can survive through one child after the next, can get wet, and still look great, come in a Skittles packet of colors, and come in adult sizes! But more to follow on that theme. 

Then think about socks! Well I love a site called We Love Colors. They also have just about every color one could imagine for tights, socks, you name it, and they are all so reasonable priced!

a little fuschia love for $31.95 at www.mysaltwatersandals.com

bright anklet socks $3 at www.welovecolors.com

red light special....digging deep in the trench


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Look what I found! #1 a collage-a-trench....couldn't have done it better myself.

#2 Classic and less than a meal of a california roll and a green tea, plus tax!

www.target.com classic blue trench by french toast for a whopping $15.99