pj party


•• these are not my photos 

I have the flu, and all I can think about is crawling back into bed, every waking minute. But, with two sick teens, and a puppy that we're puppy sitting....pjs and bed are last thing (literally) that I get to do each day. Here are some bargain pjs for kids from Hanna Andersson for $38. The price may not seem like a bargain, but the price per wear, and the hand me down factor from sibling to sibling make them worth every cent. Buy them big and wear, wear, wear!

Then from Uniqlo, a lounge wear set....can't all it sleep wear, but at a super reasonable price of $14.90, this genderless cozy is worth the money! More Uniqlo loungewear pictured too. 

Go buy something comfy, while I slide back under the covers...........adieu!

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