Sx2....or sandals and socks


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I love quirky, and I just put together a guest blog post for ThredUp, which will be out next week. But, the post got me thinking about spring. I love when people buck tradition, or uphold old tradition. Way back when, kids would wear sandals and socks. I know it looks questionable on grown ups, except on JCrew models! 

I stumbled across this image, and it made me think of Salt Water Sandals and some bright little socks. 

a little anklet sandal combo

a little salt water love

Salt Water Sandals are a BARGAIN, considering they can survive through one child after the next, can get wet, and still look great, come in a Skittles packet of colors, and come in adult sizes! But more to follow on that theme. 

Then think about socks! Well I love a site called We Love Colors. They also have just about every color one could imagine for tights, socks, you name it, and they are all so reasonable priced!

a little fuschia love for $31.95 at

bright anklet socks $3 at

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